How it Works is a place to discover, save and share the things that matter to you with your friends and the world.

But unlike other pin sites, gives you the opportunity to see your wishes come true.

Basically, it goes something like this:

1) Wish an item
2) Share this item
3) Get the item

It’s that simple !

Wether you are a fashionista with impeccable taste that others want to emulate, or always wanted to be the curator of your own art gallery, or simply want a place to keep track of your favorite things, these are just 3 of the many uses people have for

This is a place to post, organize and share your favorite items.

1) Wish it.
You can add an item in 1 of 3 easy ways:
- using a web link
- uploading from your computer
- using our easy “Wish It” browser button

You can then organize these items in wish lists, according to whatever order you see fit.

2) Share it. let you share your items or wish lists via Facebook, Twitter and Google+
In addition, we give you the ability to set an email reminder for each list so you can remember to share it with friends, family, colleagues, whatever the case maybe.
Kinda of a way to let them know exactly what you want for your special date and where they can get it for you :-)

3) Get it.
Once it’s all live on our site, anyone seeing items in your list may choose to buy them for you, and notify you directly on our site that you have a gift waiting, thanks for our “gift it” feature.


Members can create any wish lists they want, like:
- Birthday
- valentines
- christmas
- graduation
- child birth
- promotion
- Wedding
- baby shower
- wedding shower
- barmitzvah
- black friday
- hanuka
- baptism
- anniversary (wedding or other)
- kids (name / occations - ie bday, graduation, etc)
- all other gift giving events

or they can create any custom wish lists they desire, say... "shoes", "watches", "games", whatever really... helps improve your online shopping experience:
For example, when you shop online you know items you keep in your shopping cart for future purchase can expire and disappear if the merchant doesn't offer a wish list (not all do).

This is a great waste of your time and the effort that went into researching the item.

And if the merchant does offer a wish list, it just means you have to keep track of multiple lists on multiple sites with separate logins.

Why bother when you can manage everything from one location, on


Why is better than regular wedding registries:
The advantage we offer over traditional wedding registry is that we allow couples to list items from more than just one source/store (ie not just macys).