Item PIM

Your Complete Product Information Management Solution
Streamline your product management process with Item PIM, a comprehensive suite designed to empower businesses to efficiently manage their product data across various channels. With a host of powerful features, Item PIM simplifies the complexities of product information management, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.
Seamless Importing
Multiple Data Acquisition Sources
Enables pulling data from OMS and various sources for easy integration.
Bulk Imports via CSV Files
Supports large-scale product data imports via CSV for efficiency.
Flexible Input
Offers manual and direct imports from sales channels for convenience.
Effortless Bulk Editing
Bulk Editing
Simultaneously modify multiple product attributes to save time.
Intuitive Interface
Easily update prices, descriptions, and more with a user-friendly setup.
Efficiency & Accuracy
Ensure consistent and accurate updates across your catalog.
Metric Conversion
Automatic Conversions
Automatically converts metrics like weight and size.
Keeps product data uniform and accurate across all channels.
Error Reduction
Minimizes errors and discrepancies, enhancing data reliability.
Inventory Sync
Automatic Syncing
Updates inventory levels in real-time across all sales channels.
Accurate Stock Info
Ensures customers always see correct inventory details.
Enhanced Shopping Experience
Reduces overselling, boosting customer satisfaction.
Efficient Product Mapping
Product Mapping
Seamlessly align master data with sales channels for consistency.
Intuitive Tools
Accurately represent products everywhere they're listed easily.
Maximize reach and minimize discrepancies, boosting sales and revenue.
Create Product Combos
Product Combos
Easily bundle related items for enticing packages and promotions.
Encourage Upsells
Create appealing deals with clicks to drive revenue and upsells.
Leverage opportunities to add value to customer purchases efficiently.
Automated Rules
Rule Automation
Define rules for automatic inventory and price adjustments based on specific criteria, ensuring timely responses.
Market Response
Respond to market fluctuations and promotional campaigns with predefined settings to maintain competitive edge.
Up-to-Date Info
Ensure product details stay current and aligned with strategic objectives, enhancing operational efficiency.