Data Intelligence
Getting data from sales channels to your WMS is easy with Item Data Intelligence. It’s a hub to connect all of Item’s products to sales channels, carriers, Point-of-Sale systems, Order Management Systems, ERP software, PIMs, your WMS, and even your accounting software.
Connect all your operations in one place.
Connect all your operations in one place.
Connect your sales channels.
Handling orders from multiples sales channels can take up too much of your time. Item Data Intelligence quickly pulls your orders into Item OMS so that you can handle them in one place. As you work, Data Intelligence synchronizes your order status, shipping information, and inventory to all your stores.
Manage your orders and shipments in one place.
No switching to carrier websites—small parcel shipping is integrated into Item OMS and Item Logistics through Data Intelligence. Choose the right carrier and the right service for every order.Link your custom shipping labels to your order management system.
Integrate Point-of-Sale systems.
Capture payment details automatically with our seamless integration of POS systems that accepts all major credit cards and debit cards. Enjoy access to return and refund management with our built-in refund processing features.
Take control of your financial data and information.
Automatically send sales, shipping, return information to your accounting software. No mistakes re-typing data and no file transfers. Pull accounting data for analysis
Integrate Data Effortlessly
One system that works for all.
Instant ERP Data
Experience seamless data sharing with ERP software, enabling effortless order submission and tracking. Our system synchronizes orders and inventory between ERP and Item applications, ensuring consistency and accuracy across your operations. Additionally, it facilitates SKU mapping and coordinates automated shipping rules, further streamlining your business processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
WMS Connectivity
Our solution facilitates efficient data exchange with a variety of Warehouse Management System (WMS) platforms, enhancing inter-operability and ensuring smooth integration across different warehouse management environments. Take advantage of Item Data Intelligence to accelerate your warehouse operations and enhance your workflow.
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