Data Intelligence

Getting data from sales channels to your WMS is easy with Item Data Intelligence. It’s a hub to connect all of Item’s products to sales channels, carriers, Point-of-Sale systems, Order Management Systems, ERP software, PIMs, your WMS, and even your accounting software.

Product screenshot

Unify sales channels with Item OMS: sync orders, shipping, and inventory in one place.


Manage your orders and shipments in one place.

No switching to carrier websites—small parcel shipping is integrated into Item OMS and Item Logistics through Data Intelligence. Choose the right carrier and the right service for every order.Link your custom shipping labels to your order management system.


Sync Products, Orders, Inventory, Prices, and Shipping

Automatically sync products, orders, inventory, prices, and shipping information. Avoid manual updates and errors with real-time synchronization. Simplify management and improve accuracy.


Connect Your WMS to Item

Boost warehouse efficiency by linking your WMS to Item. Automate inventory, orders, and shipping with real-time updates. Simplify returns and refunds. Supports all major WMS platforms for smooth operations.


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