Maximize efficiency and minimize costs with our streamlined shipping solution, offering fast, reliable delivery and cost-saving options in a user-friendly package.
Streamline your shipments.
Streamline your security and data management with automated solutions that safeguard every facet of your digital landscape.
Import Orders
Integrate orders from various sources into the system, allowing for centralized management and processing.
Manage Shipments
Organize and oversee all aspects of your shipments, including scheduling, carrier selection, and monitoring.
Print Postage
Eliminate the need for individual configurations with pre-set secure connections that are ready to use.
Update Tracking
Provide robust defense mechanisms for your data at rest and in transit, fortifying against external threats.
Integrate directly with the biggest channels.
Effortlessly integrate with major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart using our user-friendly interface. With just a few clicks, you can establish seamless connections to manage your online store across multiple channels, enhancing your online presence and streamlining your sales process.
Understand your shipping operations.
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your shipping operations with our unified dashboard, which consolidates all your sales channels for a complete view. It displays key metrics, from order volume to labels printed, with customizable periods for each graph and table. Easily filter data to access specific information you need, eliminating the hassle of compiling and deciphering data from multiple websites.
Connect with your Item accounts, instantly.
Instantly connect with your Item Logistics and Item OMS accounts, hassle-free. Integrate databases across all Item applications, unifying every facet of your business operations for streamlined efficiency.
Print labels fast—at a discount.
Save time and money with Item Ships: Print labels quickly, either individually or in batches, and enjoy significant discounts on shipping. Discover the best rates for both your customers and your bottom line, all in one convenient location.
One Hub, Limitless Potential.
Unify your shipments.
Set up your carriers and their services in the hub and connect them to all your sales channels Offer different shipping methods to each sales channel or leave a method universal Stop changing your shipping options channel-by-channel
Simplify your packaging.
Make standard packages available to every sales channel and every carrier. Keeping carrier-specific packaging. Be certain every shipment goes in the right box
Integrate APIs with your WMS
Seamless integration of APIs with existing and new WMS platforms API connections synchronize inventory data and more Keep your business data accurate in real time
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