Item Pass gives you one account for all your Item applications. Single Sign On with Item Pass allows you to work seamlessly without separate, confusing passwords and repeated authentication. 
Integrate your data and security.
Streamline your security and data management with automated solutions that safeguard every facet of your digital landscape.
Secrets Management
Centrally store and automate the distribution of secrets with unmatched security.
Unified Applications
Integrate data across all platforms, ensuring consistency and reliability without manual effort.
Secure Connectivity
Eliminate the need for individual configurations with pre-set secure connections that are ready to use.
Data Protection
Provide robust defense mechanisms for your data at rest and in transit, fortifying against external threats.
Keep user management under control.
Simplify user access across all Item applications with one account per user, centrally manage account deactivation, and reduce complexity by eliminating multiple passwords and accounts.
Log in with Google, Facebook, or Twitter.
Access all your Item applications using your existing Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Assign multiple account managers through Item Pass, and enjoy the convenience of single sign-on to various applications and major websites.
Connect all your devices effortlessy.
Item Pass offers complete Windows integration, ensuring compatibility and functionality within the Windows ecosystem, including support for Microsoft Surface. It boasts 100% mobile support on both Apple and Android devices, allowing users to maintain productivity and connectivity on-the-go, wherever you may be.
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