item OMS

Experience unparalleled e-commerce efficiency with’s state-of-the-art Order Management System (OMS). Designed to cater to the dynamic needs of modern businesses, our OMS is your all-in-one solution to manage catalogs, inventory, orders, and shipping - all under one roof.

Product of item OMS

Unified Sales Order Management: Track order statuses, fulfill orders efficiently, and maintain consistency across all sales channels.


Real-Time Print Task Monitoring

Track the progress of your printing tasks with live updates, allowing you to manage multiple orders efficiently and ensure timely processing. This feature provides instant visibility into the status of each print job, helping you optimize your workflow and meet delivery deadlines.


Efficient Pickup Order Creation

Quickly generate pickup orders with comprehensive details for shipper, consignee, and products, streamlining your logistics process and ensuring accurate order fulfillment.


Purchase Request Management

Track and manage all purchase requests in one centralized dashboard, allowing for quick status updates, priority setting, and efficient approval processes to streamline your procurement workflow.


Shipment Tracking Hub

Monitor all shipments in real-time with comprehensive status updates and tracking details, enabling efficient order fulfillment and improved customer service.


Advanced Shipment Search

Quickly locate specific shipments using multiple criteria, enabling efficient tracking and management of all your orders in one centralized system.


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