Security and Privacy

Security is fundamental to our operations—enhancing our own security and compliance is the first step in assisting our customers to bolster theirs.

Integrate your data and security.

Streamline your security and data management with automated solutions that safeguard every facet of your digital landscape.

Secrets Management

Centrally store and automate the distribution of secrets with unmatched security.

Unified Applications

Integrate data across all platforms, ensuring consistency and reliability without manual effort.

Secure Connectivity

Eliminate the need for individual configurations with pre-set secure connections that are ready to use.

Data Protection

Provide robust defense mechanisms for your data at rest and in transit, fortifying against external threats.

Optimal Product Performance. Enhanced Security Features.

Penetration Testing

Item engages with one of the best penetration testing consulting firms in the industry at least annually. All areas of the Item's product and cloud infrastructure are in-scope for these assessments, and source code is fully available to the testers in order to maximize the effectiveness and coverage.

We make summary penetration test reports available via our Trust Report.

Vulnerability Scanning

Item partners with a leading vulnerability scanning service provider, conducting comprehensive scans at least once a year. This thorough examination covers every aspect of Item's product and cloud infrastructure, with full access to the source code granted to the scanning team to ensure maximum depth and breadth in identifying potential vulnerabilities.

Item requires vulnerability scanning at key stages of our Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC):

Static analysis (SAST) testing of code during pull requests and on an ongoing basis
Software composition analysis (SCA) to identify known vulnerabilities in our software supply chain
Malicious dependency scanning to prevent the introduction of malware into our software supply chain
Dynamic analysis (DAST) of running applications
Network vulnerability scanning on aperiod basis
External attack surface management (EASM) continuously running to discover new external-facing assets
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Our Guiding Principles



It's crucial that our control implementation follows an iterative approach, consistently evolving to enhance effectiveness, boost auditability, and minimize operational friction.


Account Privilege

Access should be limited to only those with a legitimate business need and granted based on the principle of least privilege. This approach significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information and limits malicious actions.


Layered Protection

Security controls should be implemented and layered according to the principle of defense-in-depth. This method ensures that if one control fails, additional layers are in place to mitigate any potential threats.



Security controls should be applied consistently across all areas of the enterprise. This holistic approach ensures that security measures are uniformly enforced, leaving no part of the organization disproportionately vulnerable to cyber threats.

Protecting Your Data. Strengthening Enterprise Security.


Secure Remote Access

UNIS ensures thorough security training for all employees during onboarding and annually through educational modules integrated within our proprietary platform. Moreover, new hires participate in mandatory live onboarding sessions emphasizing key security principles. Specifically, new engineers attend additional mandatory live sessions tailored to secure coding principles and practices.

Secure Education

UNIS employs Tailscale, a contemporary VPN platform built on WireGuard, to safeguard remote access to internal resources. Additionally, we implement malware-blocking DNS servers to fortify employees and their endpoints during internet browsing sessions.

Identity and Access Management

UNIS employees are granted access to applications based on their role, and automatically deprovisioned upon termination of their employment. Further access must be approved according to the policies set for each application.

Endpoint Protection

All company devices undergo centralized management, furnished with mobile device management (MDM) software and anti-malware safeguards. Our vigilant endpoint security system provides round-the-clock monitoring for any potential threats. Utilizing MDM software, we ensure secure endpoint configurations including disk encryption, screen lock settings, and regular software updates.

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